A Community Effort

Hard at work building a bamboo and palm frond hut!

If you have been reading about Jubilee for a while, you are well aware of our love and dedication to our students, and you know how much we value and appreciate our staff, but perhaps we have not given enough recognition to the parents and family members of our students.  Truly, they are the ones who complete the circle of our community.  Without them, we couldn’t begin to stay afloat!

One of the finished huts!

As I write this, there is a grand bulla  going on outside my office window.  We are preparing to celebrate Honduran National Heritage Day, a day set aside to learn about and recognize our indigenous heritage and the 18 unique departments within Honduras.  So, what is all the noise about?  There are fathers swinging machetes and mothers toting bamboo poles, banana tree leaves, and palm fronds.  Uncles are digging holes and sinking the poles into the ground while aunts are tying palms to the framework.  Meanwhile, younger siblings and cousins are running around enjoying the spirit of excitement that hangs over the school.  Inside the classrooms, students are doing their best to focus on their studies, but there is no denying the relief on their faces as the final bell rings, and they are set free to join in on the festivities!  Without the help of these parents and family members, we would never be able to do all that is required to keep our school up and running.

School moms, Gabriela and Evelin, pause from cooking for a quick picture!

Setting up for school festivals is not the only way that parents and families help, though.  They also can be found volunteering in the school library labeling and organizing books, running errands, helping decorate classrooms, and greatly supporting periodic special activities throughout the school year.  We also seek out dedicated Christian parents to fill the custodial and kitchen positions that are needed to keep our school clean and our students’ stomachs filled.  In so doing, we have been able to provide reliable employment for the parents of some of our students, as well.  In this manner, we are truly living in community, sharing our strengths, and helping to meet each other’s needs.  Perhaps this is just a glimpse of what heaven may be like, and we are grateful to be a part of it!

This classroom depicts the Bay Islands off the north coast of Honduras!


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