Always Growing, Always Changing, Always Improving

What a blessing that each year since the inception of Jubilee, we have been able to share with you about how we are growing, changing, and improving!  Currently, we are finishing construction of a small, wooden building that will house a kitchen and meeting space.  A few months ago, we were able to complete the third floor of our building which includes the therapy area of our psychology room.  Lastly, our library continues to evolve and improve!

Our current kitchen

Part way through the 2016 school year, we achieved a long-time dream of offering nutritious, low-cost meals to our students, but, as you can see, the kitchen space we have is inadequate to meet the ever increasing demands.  We not only offer breakfast and lunch every day, but also a snack for the students in the after school program.  We have three school mothers who magically produce mass quantities of food in this small space while constantly bumping into each other!  

New kitchen and meeting space!

This new building will have a kitchen on the main floor with a window from which they can serve the meals.  This will be much more efficient allowing the students to come directly to purchase their meals instead of the mothers having to take them to the individual classrooms.  The second floor of the building will provide a private meeting area.  The office space in the main building is wonderful, but due to the number of people working in it, it does not provide a large enough meeting space for regular times of group prayer or other group meetings.

After the big rush to complete the first and second floors of our building for the start of the 2016 school year, the completion of the third floor has unfolded much more slowly.  The first priorities were finishing the large room which houses our computer lab, soon to be followed by the psychology offices.  Next, our workers put the finishing touches on the four spare classrooms, and, finally, the third floor bathrooms were completed.  Even though this floor gets limited use right now, we feel content knowing that we have adequate space as the ministry continues to grow!  Even now, the spare rooms are being put to good use by mission teams for leading special groups and by the after school music program.

View of the completed third floor


Ms. Brenda in front of her new storage shelves

Ms. Brenda has been the school psychologist working with us since 2014 before we had our own building, and ever since then, we have heard her talk and dream of having her own room in which she could serve our students.  In our rented school space, she started off with a folding table and chairs in the common area just outside the old office.  She kept her materials in a shoe box and had a drawer in a filing cabinet for private documents. Later, we added privacy screens.  When we moved into our own building, she was delighted to have her own private classroom/office complete with a desk, small cupboard, and filing cabinet.  Still, Ms. Brenda had bigger dreams which included a wall of shelves for storing all the supplies she needs to use for doing therapy with the students.  (In Honduras, psychologists not only provide emotional support, but developmental support much like an occupational therapist would do.)  In the past few months, her dream has been realized, and, thanks to many generous donations, she has been able to start filling those shelves!  Even now, she is not done dreaming, though!  She would love a large therapy ball, floor mats, and more games!  We look forward to continuing to see this area grow and develop!


New and improved library space

Under the direction of our part time librarian, Ms. Gaby, our library has had a recent face lift.  Whereas before the library cabinets were kept closed and under lock and key, now when the students enter the library, the colorfully labeled open bookshelves welcome the students in, almost pleading with them to come and find a book to read!  Thanks to the support of so many of you, we have one of the largest school libraries in the country, but still, we are not done dreaming!  We long to continue to grow our inventory to the point where each classroom can have its own mini-library from which students can sign out books to take home.  While it is beneficial for students to be reading while at school, we all know how very important it is for them to be reading at home, and we want to enable them to do so.  We desire to make books more accessible to them and to encourage them to read to their parents and siblings!  


Recently we had the opportunity to visit a local, for-profit, private school, and we were reminded time and time again of how very blessed we are here at Jubilee to be able to offer so many resources and learning opportunities to our precious students.  We know that all of these changes and improvements would not be possible without you standing firmly behind us. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for loving the children of La Era so well!


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