School-Wide Soccer Championships & A Visit From Motagua!

August 2nd was a busy and exciting day here at Jubilee! Jubilee was blessed with the opportunity to welcome some of the of players from the Pro-Soccer Club, Motagua. There was an opportunity for the students, staff, and people from the community to take pictures, meet the players, and get autographs.

The day continued with school-wide soccer championship games, where every class had the opportunity to play or cheer on their fellow classmates. Having this school-wide soccer tournament was a school platform promise for the entire school during the government campaign of the group that was elected into office. This day was a fulfillment of the promise that they made once they were elected. After elections, the student council worked for several weeks directly with the principal to plan and coordinate the event.

Having the players of Motagua visit was something that went perfect with the day, so the date was planned accordingly with their visit. Motagua is known by tradition to be characterized by doing social work in different parts of the country, such as schools, hospitals, children’s homes, and elderly. For that reason, the invitation was received from Jubilee, and the players are always willing to bring joy to the children. Many comments from the children were heard throughout the classrooms and during the day that they were so excited to be able to have the opportunity to meet some of the players that they have only ever seen on the television or heard about.

The day was a big success, along with being able to see the students participate in their own soccer game and cheer each other on. Thanks for the visit Motagua!

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