Dreaming Again!

To commemorate the concert as well as the end of the school year, students were asked what their own personal dreams and passions were for their future and why. When Jubilee had barely begun, students responded very differently to questions about their dreams for the future. Some students shared that they wanted to sell drugs to make lots of money and others said they would like to join a gang and have a gun. But as Jubilee’s culture and impact as grown, so have the dreams and aspirations of our students!  

A 4th grade student responded, “I want to be a teacher because I want to teach other kids about who Jesus is and how important he is in our lives and in our hearts.  Jubilee taught me that Jesus is the most

 important person in my life, and I want to teach other kids one day.” A student in 1st grade responded, “I want to be a police, so I can help make my neighborhood better and safer for everyone!” Several other students responded that they dreamed to be teachers, doctors, college-educated, nurses, firefighters, pastors, among other professions. A 3rd grade student answered, “I want to be the president of Honduras one day. I want to help all the people in the streets and those that don’t have food or money. I want to help my country because it is beautiful, but it has a lot of poverty.”

It is Jubilee’s desire to motivate our students to dream BIG for their future, to form our students into passionate Christian leaders who will have a powerful multiplying impact on all those they reach as they grow and develop. By cultivating an environment that teaches the importance of keeping Christ at the center of our lives, our students are learning that, truly we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! 



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