Learning to Care for Creation

Learning how and why to reduce our world-wide consumption, how to recycle and reuse are very important to us at Jubilee.  We also want these values to be understood and valued by our students.  As our world continues to consume, trash, and destroy more and more stuff and more of the amazing world that God has given us, we must learn how to steward the earth and the resources He has entrusted in our hands.

In efforts to teach our students and allow them to experience just a little bit about what it means to take care of the earth and our stunningly beautiful country, Honduras, students participated in a Recycle Art Fair.  Each student was asked to make something new out of completely recycled materials that they could find at home.  Students made decorative objects like picture frames, lamps, and wall art.  They also made very useful projects like chairs, a fan, toys, and much more!  It is really quite impressive to experience the creativity and the talents that the students have, along with the help of many parents too.

We also held a recycled costume fashion show!  Two representatives from each class showed off their decorative costumes by walking down the Jubilee “Fashion Show Run-Way.”  Costumes were weaved and glued together by only recycled materials like newspapers, bottle caps, plastic bags, snack pouches, soda can pull tabs, and more!  Wow, what a fantastic job students!

As a school we want to continue to learn about the Lord’s creation and put into practice how to care for each amazing eco-system!

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