Holistic Ministry

We believe that Christ calls us to do ministry holistically, that is working to transform all realms of human experience: material, social, emotional, and spiritual. JCI tries to follow Christ’s example by working to be Christ incarnate in La Era, a poor neighborhood in Tegucigalpa where JCI is established.

In Honduras, after years and years of receiving hand-outs by charities, churches, and other NGOs, poor Hondurans have been taught only to depend on others, to receive from others, and that they themselves have little to give. One of the ways we foster parent and family participation at Jubilee’s school is through family service hours.   We teach families and parents that they have much to give and that one of their responsibilities of having their child with us is to give a bare minimum of 10 years of service per year.  Little by little more and more parents have begun to see the value of being involved in their child’s education while serving at the school.  Many parents or guardians serve for many more than 10 hours!

Another way we require parent/guardian participation is through tuition payments.  Parents pay between 15% – 30% of what tuition really costs (amount depends on the family’s situation and child’s grade level).  The rest of the tuition costs (the other 70% – 85%)  are subsidized by donations.  We believe that all children, no matter what their income level have a right to quality education, but most families in La Era, the neighborhood where we work, could never afford to pay for quality education.  However, we also believe that it is important that families take part financially in their children’s education, even if only with a few dollars per month, so that they too can be an active participant in something as important as their child’s formal education.

Working with children through formal Christian education, we are also able to reach the families of the students. By reaching entire families, JCI’s scope of influence in the community is much greater, more effective and holistic.  We work with families through one-on-one and general meetings, pastoral counseling, parent service hours, classes/trainings for families, and devotions and worship for both students and families.

We pray that God will continue to bless and expand Jubilee’s efforts in La Era.  We dream and pray that in the future we will be able to begin a variety of other community-centered and family-centered ministries including:  micro enterprise business programs, a health clinic, more evangelism and discipleship programs, adult capacity and vocational training, formal family counseling and support groups, youth clubs, tutoring programs, and recreational opportunities for children and youth, among other things.  We ask that you would pray with us that the Lord would continue to open new doors so that Jubilee can continue to grow its outreach and impact in the community.

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