Why Christian Education?

Education void of values and morals will do little to change the heart of a child. Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Educate a person in mind and not in morals and you will educate a menace to society.”
Jubilee believes we Christians are called to “go and make disciples of all nations” desiring that all people turn to Jesus as their Savior. Research shows that 85% of all people who make a decision for Christ do so between the ages of 4-14, during childhood and early adolescence.
In addition, Barna research shows that already by middle elementary school, the school environment takes on an even greater importance for the child than the home life in developing his/her views, opinions, beliefs and convictions. Therefore, what kind of education a child recieves, the quality of Christian teaching a child is given, and what values a child is taught is one of the greatest, if not the greatest influence on a child and adolescent’s life.
In addition, Christian education can be one of the most profound and effective ways to reach children and adolescents for Christ. Children and youth are truly “the world’s most fruitful field.” Sadly, often times churches and parachurch organizations often focus so much on adult ministry that children and youth are all but forgotten. Research demonstrates time and again that the poor and oppressed are more receptive to the gospel. There is no people group on earth that is more poor and oppressed, abused, and mistreated than children and youth.
Christian schooling and Christian teaching is not about brainwashing or forcing a decision upon students, but it is about taking seriously the great commission and the great commandment and also taking full advantage of this “fruitful field” of children and young people while they are still in this most receptive age-window, childhood and adolescence.
However, Christian education is not simply evangelism tacked on to math, science, and reading. Instead, Christian education must teach every subject in a Christ-centered way, acknowledging that God Himself is the Creator of all truth and apart from Him we cannot understand or know any truth. Dr Cornelius Van Til explains that education apart from Christian education cannot be consistent because it does not teach or acknowledge the One who formed and created the truth and knowledge that we understand about the world.