Profoundly Impactful: Weekly Student Worship

Each Tuesday we have the opportunity to have Student Worship Time (Chapel). We begin the morning with the PreK – 3rd graders, then we worship with our 4th – 6th graders, and lastly with our 7th – 10th graders. During each worship time our student band leads in singing and later our teachers and leadership staff take turns sharing the message in a creative way in order to capture the attention and hearts of our kids. Over the last several months we have been studying our way through the Ten Commandments and just recently started a study on the Heroes of the Faith (Hebrews 11).
These weekly worship times impact each of our lives, the Lord has given us many moments of peace, freedom, and salvation. From the beginning we have emphasized with all of the Jubilee staff that our student worship times are also for the staff to be active participants in worship and not just spectators or disciplinarians.  When our students see our staff worshiping God with all their hearts, the desire to worship is contagious and spreads an atmosphere of genuine praise and thanksgiving.

Below are some of the reflections from our students about what the worship times mean to them:

Kevin Molina, 9th grade 

“What has struck me the most during these times of worship, is that the hearts of many have submitted to draw near to God, to be one with Him. They have also taught us what we are worth to God, and the purpose we have in Christ. Because of this time that is set aside for the Lord, many have been able to return to the Lord and get out of bad situations. Through these chapel times, we learn how to put into practice Biblical truths.” 

Joshua Garcia, 9th grade 

“For me, chapel times have had a great impact and are very uplifting. I am a very impatient person, but during our devotional times, I sense the presence of the Lord and it gives me a lot of peace. I leave differently than when I first went in, I feel the peace of God. One of my favorite studies was on the commandments. This has been a guide for my life, I felt motivated and inspired through what I learned and now try to live by the truth of the Word of God.” 

Emily Bonilla 8th grade
¨I find our devotional time very inspiring, and I enjoy the way everyone participates. I have attended church since I was young, but haven’t been able to attend recently due to health and time restrictions, so these devotionals help me stay connected to God.” 

Eleazar 5th grade

¨We really like devotionals because we learn about God and more about the Bible, and the music always brings us closer to God, we feel that.”

Nahomy Galo 7th grade

“What I like most about the devotionals is to see the younger children worshiping God. They do it with all their hearts regardless of what others say. This has touched my heart and has challenged me to worship like them, to never be ashamed of my love for the Lord. This year I have taken time to adore the Lord, trying not to care what others think, because the attitude of love and adoration of the younger students has deeply impacted me.”