Ricardo a current sixth grader has thrived at Jubilee during the three years he has studied with us.  He shared that he fears going to another school because of safety and security reasons. “All my teachers and classmates get along very well here and it’s a very special environment and it feels very safe here.”  He also longs to continue in Jubilee’s Music Academy where he excels as the lead guitar player.
Angie was a student at Jubilee in Kindergarten – 6th grade and graduated in 2017. Angie struggles academically and is currently in 8th grade at a local public school.  “I don’t feel safe at school now, and I miss the teachers so much. At Jubilee, the teachers patiently taught me until I really understood. It’s not like that at the school I attend now.”
Izza, a current 6th grader, shared that in 1st – 3rd grade she went to a local public school.  “The environment was totally different there. At Jubilee we have a loving school culture, and I feel very safe here.  I love it here and desire for Jubilee to open a Middle School for my classmates and me.”
Carlos is a new 6th grader coming from a local public school.  He said he would like Jubilee to open a Middle School because “I like the orderliness at Jubilee.  I like how the teachers impart their classes. I like Jubilee because it’s safe here. I like to read, and library is one of my favorite classes.  In my old school we didn’t have a library or any books besides our text books.”

Nicole, spunky and sweet, studied at Jubile from Kindergarten – 6th grade.  She now is a 7th grader at a local public school. Nicole was the motivational force that brought her mom, Maria, to Jubilee’s church and to the Lord.  She was the catalyst to transform their whole family. When asked what she misses most about Jubilee’s school, Nicole replied emphatically, “Everything!”  Maria and her family worked hard to be able to afford the small monthly tuition payments for Nicole to study at Jubilee.  

Maria explained that the transition has been very hard for her daughter.  She worries about the social environment at her daughter’s new school. She worries about all the classes Nicole and classmates have missed this year due to strikes and teachers that don’t show up for class.  Their whole family longs for Nicole to be back at Jubilee’s school where they felt safe and saw great growth in Nicoles’s spiritual and academic formation.