“I want people to remember me as friendly.”

*Names changed to protect identities*
*Written by 2019 visitor, Kathy DeJong

Sofia is eight-and-a-half years old, on a Monday morning in her second grade class with teacher Ms. Karol. As we walked down the hallway, Sofia smiled and started sharing about her life. Sofia recalled a great desire to go to school since the age of two. Math is her favorite subject, and she credits her mother for helping her to understand that multiplication is a fast way to add. “I love the school science fairs!” she added. Her brown eyes sparkled behind bright pink glasses as she shared about her favorite animals: bunnies, cats, and dogs. In spite of her allergies to animals, she plans to be a veterinarian or possibly a doctor.

Sofia’s mother cares a lot about what she is learning in school. “My mother asks me what character trait I’m working on. I told mom that I’m working on perseverance.” She also said, “I ask the Lord to give light to my path so that I can follow Jesus.” Sofia surprised me with her ability to vividly describe life stories with great detail. As we parted, she said, “I want people to remember me as friendly.” I certainly will!