Fuller Theological Seminary with Fuller Studio recently captured Emily and David’s story and the birth and growth of Jubilee in this beautiful film!

In 8 years at Jubilee, Steven’s life and his family have been shaped and transformed

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  • 2019 School Wide Soccer Championship!

    Our students look forward to our School Wide Soccer Championship every year. During this day, it allows our students to take a break from the classroom and enjoy time outside. Our students spend the day working as teams, cheering each other on, learning to win or lose with sportsmanship, and simply just a time to be […]

  • “This is my mother…”

    Jubilee’s English classes are taught by Ms. Hayley Wilson, hailing from Birmingham, AL. Over the last few weeks, students have been learning family unit vocabulary. Being able to speak English is an important skill for many professions in Honduras and can help allow students have much greater opportunities in the future.  Hence, one of our […]

  • Learning to Care for Creation

    Learning how and why to reduce our world-wide consumption, how to recycle and reuse are very important to us at Jubilee.  We also want these values to be understood and valued by our students.  As our world continues to consume, trash, and destroy more and more stuff and more of the amazing world that God […]

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