One of the main objectives in the first years of a child’s education is to shape and bolster the student’s imagination and creativity.

That is why among Mrs. Claudia Velásquez, Jubilee’s Kindergarten teacher’s lesson plans, are a number of crafts and activities that contribute to the teaching-learning process in different and interesting ways.

“In these two weeks we have done some activities related to the issue of what plants are used for. The objective is to learn the importance of the physical environment for each person and to promote activities that favor our environment’s conservation and improvement.” shared Mrs. Velasquez.

One of the activities carried out was: A Carrot!

“The children painted their feet orange and then they placed their feet on cardboard that had torn green paper glued on top, pretending to be the leaves. It was a very fun activity because I could see their faces smiling when they started painting their feet.  It filled me with joy to see how much they liked this activity! They learned several things such as: senses, colors, and the medicinal and health benefits of carrots.” 

In addition to that, the little ones also made binoculars that they decorated to their liking, using rolls of toilet paper. In this activity, the objective was for the children to identify the sight as one of our senses and the importance of its care

 “The children were very happy with this activity. we were learning about the sense of sight and they mentioned that this way they could see objects closer.” Mrs. Velasquez.

But this does not end here, the creativity of each Kindergarten student continued in action while making beautiful flowers using paper, sticks and cut-outs of what plants need in order to live making a terrestrial ecosystem.

The teacher pointed out that “The important thing about these activities is that the child has fun learning and it is something that he can not easily forget. In addition, they do this classwork with great enthusiasm. 

And it is that with these activities not only the child learns and enjoys but also his parents at home in the virtual classroom…

“I like the crafts that the children do. They were very active, for example my daughter Helen loved it when I drew her feet and then painted them to form a carrot. She also was excited to make the flowers and binoculars. I hope we continue with those activities ”Bessy Molina, Mother of Kindergartener.

“When we do activities in my class, I like to paint, cut and paste and my mommy Mary helps me. Then I can play with what I made or I give it to mom and dad” Adrián Dalas, Kindergarten student

“I really liked knowing that with my foot I could make a carrot and because it tickled when my mom helped me draw it.  I also liked discovering that with paints and forks I could make flowers” Sharon Molina, student.

At CJI, we are committed to developing the talents of our students in all areas. We know that artistic experiences are vital to learning, discovering and worshiping God through our creativity.