We praise God that since Jubilee’s birth in 2010, we have been able to give hundreds of 3-5 year old students a solid academic and spiritual foundation.
Most of our PreK & Kindergarten students come from very low income families, we desire that they would receive the same kind of quality education than the middle and upper class students in Honduras do.
Historically, World Vision ran two Pre-K/Kindergarten classrooms in La Era (in Honduras “PreK” is referred to as “Kinder” and “Kindergarten” is referred to as “Prepa”) but their project time in La Era had expired and World Vision had been hoping and praying that another organization or local church would take over the responsibility of the Pre-K/Kindergarten classes.
Through nothing short of a miracle, Jubilee’s directors, David & Emily Romero, ran into Claudia, one of the PreK teachers and a former college classmate of David’s, only a few weeks before classes were supposed to start. She was actually en route to another organization’s door, trying to find a way for the school to continue the vital role this school has been playing in the community of La Era for the last 9 years.
Through this providential encounter with Profesora Claudia, Jubilee was able to connect with World Vision and start the school that the Lord had put in the hearts of Jubilee’s founders years ago. We continue to see God’s hand of blessing and provision as He allows us to continue growing year after year!