Reflections on Concert “Let It Shine

Concert “LET IT SHINE”

After two years of the pandemic we returned to the theater stage. Thanks to our God for allowing us to carry His message again through the performing arts.”
Our concert was fittingly named “LET IT SHINE!” We had two performances on Sunday, October 30.  Our goal was to use the performing arts to bring the message of salvation to the community, parents, family, students, and friends.



We had many participants from Kindergarten through Middle School. We were delighted with a choreography called “Don’t Let Your Light Go Out,” directed by one of our teachers, Claudia Velásquez. Fourth graders impressed us by playing “Tu Fidelidad” on their recorders. While fifth graders performed through dance and recorders to the song, “Jubilee, Here There is Freedom.”  Sixth grade surprised us by recorder, drama, and choreography to the praise song “Open The Eyes of My Heart” directed by the music maestro Emil Mejía.                                                            

The play “ESTA FUE TU VIDA” was directed theatrically by Ms. Gabriela Arévalo, with Mrs. Paola Sota & Mr. Timothy Essery directed the musical portion, along with the instrumental teachers.

Our music directors shared this about the overall experience the concert provided:

“The concert was a very beautiful experience; I was excited to work on a project like this one. Where the different arts, music, theater, and dance all came together. From the beginning I knew it was going to be a great challenge, but with the help of God, the team, the talent, and the enthusiasm of the children, we achieved the objective which was the message of salvation and bringing glory to God. I felt so proud of what the students achieved that day. The quality of their music, dance and theater brought honor to God.”

Mrs. Paola Soto, Director of Jubilee’s

Worship & Music Program


“This concert meant a lot to me in the sense that I was able to see all the arts represented. Working with one common goal, to share the message of salvation. I am very grateful to the Lord, and proud of all the students who participated. Also, I amvery thankful to those who supported us in so many ways, so the show could go on! I learned a lot in my experience as an organizer. I had the privilege of working with very talented and experienced people. What I learned from them will be applied in every project that the Lord brings in the future.”

Mr. Timothy Essery, CoDirector

Jubilee’s Worship & Music Program


“To live that emotion again and to feel the Holy Spirit flow over all the people who were in attendance was amazing.

Knowing the students were able to see the audience being moved by the Holy Spirit through the arts, was to me, a great joy.  Seeing their hard work and efforts touch the lives of their parents and invited guests. We know that all the time they invested has an eternal impact.”

Mrs. Claudia Velásquez, Kindergarten Teacher


“Returning to the stage after two years, and now with our students more mature and older, was a very real and exciting challenge. From the first day of planning God began to put all the pieces in place and take control of everything. I was glad to know that my young students were as excited as I was and ready to interpret each character. This year the play was adapted from an evangelistic tract, and together we were able to create a script. But our words fall short of the great power that the Word of God has. This work was permeated with Bible verses that invited people to repent and change their way of living to fully follow Christ. While we rehearsed each scene, my prayer was always, ‘Lord, allow this powerful message to pass first through the student’s hearts and help them understand that they need you to be saved.’  I am certain that they did. Parents saw their children on stage acting, developing their talents, being a useful instrument to carry the gospel. Seeing souls being touched by the Holy Spirit was my greatest joy.”

I feel very proud of my students as they managed to do so much more than I expected. We all knew that it was not by our own efforts, but by the power of God in us, He did it! And did it again in the second performance! The message was proclaimed to many families as a great light amidst so much darkness.”

Ms. Gabriela Arévalo

Bible Teacher and Theater Manager.
Some students shared how they felt participating in the concert, playing their part: “I felt that I got to play the best role, a unique role, I got to represent the Lord.”  At the beginning, playing my role felt somewhat complicated. We were returning for the first time in three years. After a long time without performing, I was worried I had lost my gift. I only needed a short period of time to adapt to my role and the Holy Spirit let it flow again.”  

 “This concert for me meant more than just a presentation to the public. It was developed to glorify God. As we exalted His namesharing His word. The concert meant nothing more and nothing less than Jesus. He knows what we do each day, the way we live, if we make a mistake, He is faithful to forgive us. Our hearts were encouraged by this year’s presentation. All felt this was one of Jubilee’s best concerts so far, encouraging us to ‘be the light.’

Luis Antonio Rodríguez
Eighth Grader who played Death

  “Well, for me, being at theconcert this year felt amazing. I could feel that God used me to proclaim a message of salvation

so that everyone in that theater felt the warmth and love of God. It felt a bit strange playing someone so confident, but in the end I learned how. At first, it was complicated but when I learned the part it flowed. Maybe I’ll take a small part of the character with me. Now every time I hear the name of the Lord I want to kneel and ask forgiveness for my sins.”

Jeeremy Ramírez
Eighth Grader who played the Lead Role

Our pastors also shared some of their experiences attending the concert:                       

“For everyone it was a great investment. Not only financially but dedication and time. This year required a much greater commitment. Watching the older students, who had never performed with the younger school children, the results were amazing. What a quality performance.”

“What struck us the most was being able to bring such a powerful message through song, drama, and dance, with the Word of God woven into each part. The message of salvation was clearly proclaimed. It touched your heart and soul and made all those who were in the theater reflect.”

“After two years of living in isolation it made the concert even more special. One realizes how special, there were moments of great learning, especially for the students. The staff was learning to work as a team. Learning gifts and talents from each other, seeing how to support each other. It created true fellowship and understanding about how to live together in Christ.”

“What caught my attention and surprised me the most is that the message was not only for the public, but also for the students who were participating. Teaching them to not just perform for the sake of performing.”

Emily Romero
Co-Founder and Executive Director

“For me, to see the theater full, more than 600 people, hearing and seeing the students as they performed. Proclaiming the message of salvation, which is the reason we are here. What a huge blessing to see the participation of all the teachers, students, and parents doing their part. Some as actors and others as spectators. It demonstrates the Christian ministry, of which we are a part of the Jubilee family! To see how everyone worked together in front of such a large audience was a great testimony. The privilege of working with media communications, photographers, videographer’s, using technology to advance and achieve our international goals.”

There are so many negative influences and external motivations that push our youth and their families in the wrong direction. With a concert like this, the Holy Spirit opens eyes and hearts to a positive, powerful impact with a message of hope and truth, which is Christ Jesus. We are trying to be as creative as possible, to draw people in so that the message of the gospel is heard.”

Pastor David Romero

Co-Founder and Executive Director
May the Lord always help us, and use Jubilee, to carry the message of salvation through our gifts and talents.