The Routine Moments Make all the Difference…

     When reading the mini-essays her first graders wrote on their favorite things about Jubliee, our first grade Mrs. Sherry Cerna, was reminded that sometimes small, everyday, routine moments make the biggest impact on students.
     The first graders’ essays revealed how closely the students pay attention to the details of the school day and notice what teachers do. For example, one student wrote, “One of my favorite things about Jubilee is that my teachers are happy to see me every day.” A teachers’ smile, word of welcome, and encouragement communicate genuine care to students and create an environment conducive to learning. Another wrote, “I like my school for the devotionals because we can learn more about God.” Jubilee students learn about God multiple ways during the week, including classroom devotionals, prayer, and worship in chapel. The first graders’ noticings show that the seeds of love and faith that Jubilee is sowing are already taking root and impacting students’ lives.