Meet Emily!

Emily has been serving in Honduras with Jubilee for two years now! She began coming to Honduras in 2014, but felt the Lord leading her to something different after a few years. She first came to serve at Jubilee in the Summer of 2017, and then she returned with us in 2018 after completing her degree. She now supports Jubilee as the Communications and Sponsorship Coordinator. Emily manages our Honduras side of communications and our Sponsorship Program. When asked what she enjoys most about Jubilee and what she does, she responded, “I love the kids and what Jubilee is doing within them and the surrounding community! For me, being behind the camera and being able to capture genuine smiles and laughter is what I enjoy most. I have had the opportunity to experience the students warm up to me and see a drastic change in the trust and confidence that they have being the subject of the photo. One thing that my camera allows me to do is remind these students that they are made beautiful in the eyes of Christ. It allows me to take the photo and then turn the camera around, showing them the beauty that was just taken. Being in the position that I am in, it also allows me to be the connection between the supporter and the child, connecting two pieces of my heart.”

Meet Tim & Paola!

Tim Essery joined us in June 2019 to serve Jubilee and our music program! He and his wife, Paola Soto, got married in July, and he has joined forces with Paola to grow Jubilee’s Music Ministry. They will continue to disciple children and youth to worship the Lord with all their heart and their musical talents. Paola has had an incredible role within our school system over the last few years, growing our music program to new heights! Two years ago, Paola led Jubilee’s efforts in starting an After School Music Academy. Students have been able to practice their musical gifts that God has given them and learn what it means to worship Him in spirit and in truth. For the past three years in October, our students participate in beautiful musical and theatrical concert for their families and greater community. Each year, the local theatre is filled with anxious parents, family, and friends awaiting the show! This concert allows our students to showcase what God has been teaching them and how God is molding them. Tim had the privilege to learn some chords from his pastor years ago, which is where God used that to change the course of his life for the better. He has lead worship in ministry for over ten yeas! Tim believes that if God used music to change the course of his life, he has no doubt that He can do the same with young children and youth who are discovering their musical talents right here at Jubilee!