Youth Bibles for Each Middle/High School Student!

Two weeks ago, we were so blessed to give each of our 7th to 10th-grade students a Youth Bible of their very own! It is our prayer to have our students read and learn daily from the Word of God. This was a great gift given by a number of brothers and sisters who desire to see our Middle and High School students grow in their study and love for the Word of God.

Skip and Jan Pylman helped organize this gift for our students and they also came to visit Jubilee in person for the first time in order to see our students in person and be a part of the Bible delivery.   They shared the following: “Our visit to Jubilee was truly unforgettable.  A highlight was meeting the students face to face and delivering each middle and high school student a Bible.  The joy and excitement on their faces was heartwarming and encouraging.  Our hope and prayer is that these Bibles will have an eternal impact on their lives.  To God be the Glory!”

Several of our students share what it meant to them to receive this special gift:

Genesis Alvarado, 7th Grade “I am glad to have a Bible, I am grateful for such a beautiful gift! I know this will draw me closer to God, and help me to feel safe. When I get tired and do not want to read, I will ask the Lord to help me not to stray and that He guides my path always.”

Nazareth Gonzalez, 8th Grade “I am very happy and grateful to God and to Jubilee for giving me the privilege of having my own brand new Bible! I enjoy sharing with others and teaching them how beautiful the Word of God is.  My favorite verse is Mark 12:30 “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind and with all your strength.”  This is the main commandment and helps me to remember to love Him with all of my being and treasure His word.” 

Jorge Danilo Cayetano, 9th Grade “When I received my very own, brand new Bible I knew that it was a very special gift. The Bible is so full of insight and wisdom that it makes you want to read it. I think about how many people would love this gift, so I will do my best to read, study, and cherish it.” 

Josue Salgado, 10th Grade “I feel very happy to have such a beautiful Bible and I am so grateful to our American brother who delivered it! What a great blessing to have our own Bible that we can read whenever we want. This will encourage me to connect more with the Lord and read more of His word.” 

Aaron Cortez, 10th grade (transfer student this month) “I am so thankful that on my first day of class at Jubilee I received such a wonderful gift, my own Bible. I am grateful to the Lord for the many doors He opened up to allow me to transfer to Jubilee. I already appreciate the directors, the teachers, and all the others who have welcomed me! This Bible will help me learn and obey God, it will improve my spiritual life and my relationship with the Lord. My dad is a pastor at a local church and told me that after school today we were going to go and purchase a Bible, but the Lord saw fit to give me one instead. Thank you very much!”