Meet 5th Grader Amy Flores

Jubilee student Amy just finished 5th grade on the honor roll, earning the 1st place medal in her class for academic excellence.
 “My mother is a nurse assistant and works night shifts, so my grandmother and my aunt help take care of me and my little brother, Melvin. My father is dedicated to metal welding. Currently, my father does not live with us, but I am praying and believing that he will accept Christ and return home.
I have been part of Jubilee for six years and I am so impressed by how much the school has grown, all the beautiful new spaces to learn and enjoy. My favorite places are the new chapel, the courtyard, and the library.
Pastors David and Emily, Miss Gaby, Miss Nancy, all the teachers in general, along with my aunt María, my aunt Evelyn, and now my uncle Aníbal, who accepted the Lord Jesus a few months ago, are the people who have impacted my life and inspire me to continue seeking God.
“For me, the Te Buscare concert was very special because it was my first time singing in front of a large audience and we were the first to perform in our new Chapel. It was also fun to watch the joy on all the faces of the students and their parents as they arrived and saw this new space, this holy place with their own eyes.

It was also a special blessing to me personally, as my father and mother both attended the concert. This was the first time my father had ever attended church. He told me that everything was so beautiful and he could feel the presence of God. Also, my mother opened her heart to Jesus that day and accepted Him as her savior!

I remember during the pandemic what a difficult time it was for everyone. I felt like I was straying from God, from the church, but God was always with me calling me. The Lord used Jubilee to bless my family with food deliveries that helped us make it through. 

Being part of Jubilee has changed my life. It has allowed me to learn about Jesus and accept Him into my heart. Learning about the Lord is part of our education and Jubilee is an excellent place to learn and grow. I wish that many more children could study and learn at Jubilee since it will change their lives completely because the presence of God is here. 

For next year I hope that many new students can come to Jubilee to study and learn about the Lord Jesus and how He loves them. One of my prayer requests is for my mother, Yesenia, that she may persevere in God, and continue to serve Him, and that she will be faithful to attend church with me.  I also pray that my father, Samir, will surrender his heart to God and that he and my mother can get along so he will return home and we can be a family again.”