We currently have over 800 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Honduras, and throughout the whole country, we remain under a strict, military-enforced lockdown. There are numerous rumors and suspicions regarding when businesses and schools will reopen, but at this point, nothing is certain, and the possible methods and solutions vary widely. 

Thanks to your generous support, last week we finished our second Emergency Food Distribution to 100 of the most needy families in our community. This time around, for the sake of efficiency and the safety of everyone involved, we decided to give out gift cards to a nearby local grocery store. At least half of our parents have temporarily or permanently lost their jobs during the COVID-19 lockdown, and many have no other forms of income available to them. One example of this is Juliana ,(not her real name), the mother of one of our second grade students. When we called to check on the situation of the family, she shared that she and her husband have been unable to work in one of the local markets, and they were completely without food for the family. They were praying for God to provide, so they were extremely grateful to receive the food support from Jubilee! Margarita (not her real name), the mother of one of our eighth graders, shared a similar story. Her husband is the only one who works, but, as a carpenter, he’s been laid off now for almost two months. She told us that in her prayers asking God to provide food for her family, she felt certain that He would answer her. She prayed, “Lord, I don’t know how you’re going to do it, but I feel confident that you’re going to provide food for us tomorrow.” Not three hours later, a Jubilee staff member called to tell her that their family would be receiving food support the next day! She thanks God for this miracle of answered prayer, for the constancy of His provision, and for how God is working through Jubilee to bless her family and so many families like hers.

Teachers continue to send weekly assignments to students and families via Whatsapp chat groups. Almost all of our students are completing the work appropriately in their textbooks and notebooks. Last week the teachers started Zoom sessions with their classes, and the students have been so excited to see each other and their teachers again! Approximately 50% of the students have some access to a WIiFi network. Also, via Zoom, the teachers have been able to give weekly devotions and short explanations of more difficult subjects. These devotions and explanations are also recorded in short videos and sent to all the families via Whatsapp for those who cannot connect to Zoom.  Starting this week, we additionally asked the teachers to make individual weekly calls to each student to provide further explanations, emotional support, and prayer.  We pray and hope that in this way, all of our students will be reached, stay connected to Jubilee, and know the love that we and their Heavenly Father have for them no matter life’s circumstances!