God Is and Will Continue To Be Good

The health emergency due to the pandemic was something unexpected for everyone. Without a doubt, COVID19 changed many aspects and plans in our life, both at the family, spiritual, and economic level. Although there are some who have been directly affected, we cannot deny that during all this time God has been faithful.

Teachers, students, parents and members of CJI can bear witness to this.

“It is wonderful to see how God has been with us. He has provided every need. We have been able to help others, and something very important is to reflect that we need the Lord in every moment of our life”

Mrs. Carolina Romero, Docente de 9° Grado.

At her young age, Diana Sofía Reyes, a 3rd Grade student, tells us that she misses going to school a lot, but maintains her trust in God that all this will pass.

I miss my classmates, my teachers and doing everything we did in complete freedom. Not everything is bad, because we have been able to spend more time with the family, have fun, and share. Also, I know that God’s plans are perfect. I always ask him to heal our land. 

Jorge Daniel Gómez, a 6th Grade student, assures that he never thought of experiencing a situation like this, but he thanks God for showing his love and protection.

Up to here the Lord has helped us!! This situation has brought us closer to God and He has given us the wisdom to learn to work and study with the few technological resources that we have. In my family, we were affected in the workplace, but in the same way God has provided everything we need.


There is no doubt that one of the areas in which each teacher and parent has had to reinvent themselves is in the teaching-learning process, turning some corner of their home into a classroom …

Gabriela Arévalo, Bible, Computer and Library teacher tells us about her experience:

At the beginning of my quarantine I felt a little fearful about the alarming situation, worried about not knowing what would happen to classes, children, my university classes, and especially the well-being of my family, my mother and nephews. My anxiety increased a little with sleepless nights and stress, but as time passed my worries diminished. I began to see this time as an opportunity to grow spiritually, get closer to my mother, and finish certain projects that I had put aside. “

The work has not stopped. The classes and the way of teaching had to be reinvented by recording videos of my classes, preparing material at home to give the class, in addition to adapting my house to teach them, and a lot of university work since this year I I will finish a part of my studies.”


Even in the midst of hardship and being victims of this virus, God’s healing power has been evident. This is confirmed by Nancy Sierra, Kindergarten Teacher and CJI member:

My husband and I got sick at the same time, it was at the most difficult moment of the pandemic because there were no places for medical care. We didn’t know what to do or where to go and there was also a lot of discrimination, but God had already been preparing us every day, through daily family prayer. All this gave me a lot of peace in the midst of the difficulty. Several people interceded for us, mainly our family and Pastor David who called us daily to find out how we were doing, giving us advice and praying for us. Definitely the prayer of justice can do a lot and I believe in a God of miracles and impossibilities. “


As sons and daughters of an Almighty God, we firmly believe that every crisis is a great opportunity to increase our faith and trust in Him. We take and treasure in our hearts every promise that comes from the Lord. Exodus 33:14 teaches us:

“My presence will go with you, and give you rest.”

Let us rest in God, let us not doubt that He is and will continue to be good… Blessings !!