Honduran Day!


 Once a year, in late July, children across Honduras get to dress up with traditional Honduran Indigenous costumes for the annual “Dia del Indio” (Indian Day) or also named “Dia de la Hondurenidad” (Honduran Day).  Did you know that there are 9 indigenous and Afro-descendant people groups, making up 1.3 million inhabitants of Honduras?  Honduras has a total population of 9.2 million and nearly one million more Hondurans living abroad. There are also 18 departments in Honduras, each with a unique history, cuisine, and beautiful natural resources.


     Although all over Honduras and internationally, there is much negative news about Honduras, on our “Honduran Day,” and weeks prior, students learn, experience, and celebrate what it means to be Honduran; they reflect on Honduran history, cuisine, music, dress, sub-cultures, geographical attractions, and more!  It is always a very special occasion here at Jubilee in which parents, students, teachers and staff all work hard to make it a successful and enjoyable learning experience and a celebration of our national identity.