Honduran’s Fathers Day in Jubilee

Here in Honduras, Father’s Day is celebrated each year on March 19th. As a school and church we celebrate our Heavenly Father’s  deep love for us through the greatest example of the giving of His Son Jesus to us. We also celebrate our earthly dads with a special program and a big party at school!
Imagine this scene: our little students, full of excitement and nerves, getting ready to show their love for their dads. Their eyes sparkled with joy when they see their dads in the crowd, a presence that radiated security and affection, just like God’s love.
But amidst the celebration, we couldn’t forget those whose dads weren’t physically there. Their hearts longed for the hug and comfort only a dad can give. It was touching to see them find support from their friends’ dads, reminding us that family in Christ goes beyond blood ties.
We walked through the classrooms, witnessing every tender hug and display of love between dads and kids. Each gesture was a sweet melody in our hearts, reminding us of the importance of nurturing family bonds with care.
Pastor David guided us with wisdom, basing his teachings on sacred words from Proverbs 20:6-7, diving into the true essence of fatherhood: an unbreakable love that goes beyond surface definitions.
Two stories touched us deeply. One was the tale of the tree and the child, shared at the start of the celebration. This heartwarming story tells of the lifelong bond between a tree and a child. The tree, symbolizing a father figure, always supported the child through every stage of life, sacrificing its branches to provide sustenance and protection. It reminded us of the sacrificial love of a caring father, whose greatest achievement is to care for and support his children as they grow.
Another story  that left a lasting impression was the tale dramatized by our teachers, showing redemption and love between a father and his daughter. In a town hosting a “Father Fair”, a girl searched desperately for a perfect father but couldn’t find one. Her own father, overwhelmed by adult pressures, couldn’t spend enough time with her or have the energy to connect with her in a meaningful way. However, seeing his daughter’s pain, he decided to change. He approached her and expressed his love and sincere desire to be a better father. Wise advice led him to seek guidance from the Bible, leading to a miraculous transformation in the family, strengthening their bonds and rediscovering the joy of renewed bonds.
These stories teach us that true fatherhood goes beyond blood ties and is rooted in love and sacrifice. They remind us that Christ is the ultimate example of paternal love, and through Him, we find the strength and wisdom to be loving and compassionate fathers.

On this special day, we remember the vital role of a father as protector and guide of his family. His presence is a beacon of unconditional love and security. There’s no greater comfort than feeling the embrace and presence of our father. And if your kids don’t feel that way, I encourage you to follow the advice from these stories: seek Christ, follow the guidance of the Bible, and be the father that God approves of. May your children call you blessed for your integrity and unwavering love.