Jubilee’s New PE and Sport’s Program! Athletes For Christ

Mr. José Bermúdez has joined Jubilee as our new Physical Education Teacher and Sports Coordinator.
He has 14 years of professional sports experience and has held positions such as:
  • Coach of the National University Handball Team Autonomous of Honduras, UNAH
  • Coach of the National Women’s Handball Team & Honduras Youth and Junior Men’s
  • Coach of the Senior Women’s Handball Team
  • CONDEPAH National Games Sports Coordinator
  • Founder and Sports Director of Tegucigalpa Handball Clubs and Cantera Club
  • Honduran School Handball Coordinator for the Confederation of Central and South America
  • Basketball and Soccer Coach Macros in Bilingual Institution of Tegucigalpa
 This year, for the first time, all of Jubilee’s students will receive PE classes from a professional PE teacher, unlike in years past, taught by their homeroom teacher.  Also for the first time, we have started an After-School Sport’s Club for boys and girls from 4th – 10th grades focusing on Handball, Basketball, and Soccer.  Mr. Bermudez coordinates the program and other professional trainers come to Jubilee, 2 hours, 3 afternoons each week to practice and train with the different groups.

Mr. Bermúdez, shares his wishes and aspirations:

¨I feel the weight of expectations and challenges ahead. This is a new program at  Jubilee and I am aware that this is the beginning of something big. The excitement and optimism that I see in the students, who anxiously want to be a part of this program, encourage and inspire me deeply.

I have many aspirations for the sports program but one of the most important is that the sports program will work in partnership with their formation as leaders. Teaching the students the disciplines necessary to be responsible and capable of overcoming adversity. While this may not always lead to professional athletic careers, it can teach the students to be good citizens with character.

The second goal is to achieve good results. Begin training and working with a 100% team mentality. Training hard and creating the disciplines needed to excel. In the Short term, this isn’t always achievable, but it is part of the process of learning how to overcome, improve, and preserve.  

I also wish for our teams to be an example to others; our programs will be built on Christian principles. This is my first time directing a Christian athletic program; therefore, I want the students to be an example on and off the field. When they arrive at sports facilities and institutions others notice that our teams are different. That we treat others with respect and compassion, demonstrating our Christian values.  

Our students also wanted to share some of their goals with the new Physical Education Class, and this new experience of having a sports program:

Jonathan Barahona, a 6th-grade student 

Jonathan already participates in a Soccer academy (FUTECA) and will also join the Jubilee program to further develop his sports skills. Jonathan lives with Type 1 Diabetes, his body does not produce insulin and he must take daily injections, closely monitoring his glucose levels. Exercise and sports are essential for him to lead a healthy life, and soccer is his passion.

  • “The Physical Education class has been a lot of fun. The teacher is very good at encouraging us to train more to become better athletes. I am very happy to be a part of this program and hope to continue improving. Using soccer as an opportunity to let others know about Christ.”
Arody Domínguez, 10th grade student. 
  • “I really like this class, we are learning and practicing many different exercises. The teacher inspires us to keep working out and in better ways. I love soccer and plan to use my free time to practice and learn how to become a better player.”

Valery López, 8th-grade student

  • “My favorite class is Physical Education because I love sports. I was very interested in this program because it is fun and we do it for the Lord. We are ATHLETES FOR CHRIST! This will help strengthen us physically and spiritually with God.”

Denis Velásquez & Roberto Sevilla, 9th-grade students share the same desires and expectations  

  • “We would like to be part of the sports program to learn to play basketball very well. Also, to learn to take care of our physical body and health. We expect the program to be very active, dynamic, and disciplined. Helping to build friendships with others in the Physical Education class, we are very excited.”

Abigail Ramírez, 8th-grade student

  • “In Physical Education we are learning to relax and let stress go as we run, and we also have fun. The teacher has been excellent at encouraging us by telling us when we do well. Teaching us that this will be a good opportunity to learn the importance of physical exercise and not spend as much time on technology.”