Lempira Day, July 20: A National Hero

Our students always surprise us with their creativity representing the traditions and customs of Honduras.

Each grade represented a different department (state) of Honduras, with each grade also having a special “champa” (hut made of organic materials) to celebrate the  traditional Honduran food and costumes of that region.  Each hut was decorated with organic materials and/or traditional artisan work from each grade’s department.  They also had “huts” to celebrate our national bird, the Macaw, and our national mammal, the White-tailed Deer.

These huts were decorated and prepared very early in the morning by many parents, who are always willing to help with our celebrations and activities.  Students from each grade studied and helped find interesting facts about the department they represented, dressing in beautiful, colorful costumes that enriched the celebration greatly. 

We enjoyed a runway of typical costumes made with traditional materials, couples of students paraded, and the qualifying jury chose a winning couple from each level, these students being chosen as ¨El Indio and La India Bonita.¨ 

The folkloric dance groups from our school delighted and moved us with typical Honduran dances, which make us remember and appreciate our roots.

Honduras celebrates its tradition, and culture, with color and flavor. In Honduras, we say that we are a “Five-Star Country” and we literally have five white stars in our flag! We enjoy teaching our students to learn about, appreciate, and represent with dignity the country of Honduras, the place where the Lord has allowed us to live and flourish.

Congratulations to our parents, students, and teachers on a job well done!