COVID19 Crisis – Help us feed hungry families!

In Honduras
Currently, as of March 22, we have 26 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Honduras, the majority in Tegucigalpa. The Department of Education has mandated that all K-12 schools and all universities shut down from March 13 – March 29 at which point, cancellations will then be reevaluated and most likely extended. Students at Jubilee have been receiving homework in all of their subjects via parent Whatsapp groups for all grade levels. We are trying to keep our students progressing academically in spite of this huge interruption to normal life and school activity. In the meantime, of course, all of our staff will continue to receive the salaries that they and their families depend on.
Complete Lock Down

The whole country has been on labor suspension and lock-down since Monday, March 16 and since Friday, March 20th, most of the country is on a complete lock-down in which even grocery stores, banks and gas stations are closed for 10 days. We are hoping for a one-day break soon, in order for stores to reopen and the population to resupply. No one is allowed on the road unless authorized or going to a hospital for an emergency.

One of the many difficulties in Honduras at this time in our dry season is the lack of water supply to homes. This continues to be a huge challenge, and even more so, with this current crisis. There is no hand-sanitizer in stores and many do not even have water to wash hands and clothes.

The labor suspension leaves most families who work in the informal sector, in a desperate situation, trying to figure out how they will feed their families for the next days and weeks. In Honduras, we have no school meal programs, no federal checks that will be coming in the mail, no food stamps, or other programs in place to help the poor and vulnerable.

Please help us supply groceries to needy families!

Given this tremendous crisis, we would like to ask you to make a special gift to help us provide groceries and other emergency supplies to at least 150 of our most needy families.

Our goal is to raise $15,000 in the next two weeks in order to meet this vital need. Please consider making a gift today to support hungry families in Honduras.To give online click here and select “COVID-19 Emergency Assistance” in the dropdown menu.

Or send a check to:
Jubilee Centers International
PO Box 7758
Grand Rapids, MI 49510
MEMO LINE: Emergency Assistance

Thank you so much for considering how you can help Jubilee’s students and families have basic groceries at this critical time of need!

Please know that we are also praying for you and the situation in the US. Please feel free to write us and reach out with any prayer requests, questions, or comments you may have. We would love to hear from you!