May Sponsorship Drive!

We are now into a little over 3 months of our 2019 school year! We are so thankful to see God’s continued work and faithfulness throughout the community of La Era and Jubilee.  Just as the school year is progressing so is our Student Sponsorship program.

We are excited to dedicate the month of May to promoting and focusing on our Sponsorship program! We currently have 85 students sponsored, and our goal is to secure 25 more sponsorships by the end of May for a total of 110! 
Your Help!
We need your help to achieve this Sponsorship goal! We will have student spotlights during the weeks of May on our social media (Facebook and Instagram). You can help us by sharing our posts or sharing the news to your friends. You can also sponsor a student or two yourself!  Feel free to share this email with anyone who you think may be interested.
We still have about 90 children who don’t have a sponsor yet. Will you help us promote our Sponsorship Program or become part of it yourself! Sponsor a Child Now!