Meet 9th Grader Nelson

Nelson Ernesto Reyes Zelaya has belonged to our Jubilee family for 6 years. At the age of 9, he began as a 4th grader, and he is currently in the 9th grade. His favorite classes are Spanish and Social Studies.

When he grows up Nelson wants to be a lawyer or a psychologist. “I would like to defend those who need justice, but it is also easy for me to listen to others and help them with some encouraging advice.”

Nelson has always been a young man who likes to help and seek the well-being of others. His thought is: “Even though I know that the enemy will try to come against me, I will always seek to have a positive attitude and with God’s help I will not be defeated.”

He tells us that what he likes most about Jubilee is the opportunity he has to learn more about God along with his sister Zoe, a 4th-grade student. He also really enjoys the educational methods, activities, and devotionals that Jubilee provides.
Nelson has been part of our school’s theater program, participating in all our end-of-year productions. He also now practices Boxing at the Villa Olímpica Boxing Club. He is an excellent cartoonist, specializing in drawing faces.
One of my best experiences at Jubilee is Bible Class, because I knew that the Lord had a plan for my life, really hearing the voice of God during all the classes is one of my greatest blessings. It is also important to mention that participating in the end-of-year concerts is a tremendous experience. It is incredible to see so many of my classmates, myself included, who are often very quiet and shy, sharing our talents in front of others. This is the purpose of the theater program, to help develop and demonstrate the gifts and talents that God has given us.    I Corinthians 12:1
“I thank God, he has transformed and changed me. I had many problems, many sins, and mistakes, but I have been completely forgiven. I have improved my attitude; I used to be a very bitter person, and I had issues and problems with others, but when I gave my life and burdens to the Lord, He improved my life, mentally and physically and more importantly spiritually. Now I have peace and love to help everyone who needs it, because the Father is in my heart, and I have a purpose that He has given me to fulfill.”
We pray for Nelson and the work that Christ is doing in his life.  This might be Nelson’s last year with us at Jubilee since one year ago his father immigrated to the United States and his mother plans to try to get to the US next year.