Meet Alejandra!

Let me introduce you to Alejandra René Hernández, a brave young lady who’s been part of Jubilee since she was only 3 years old. For 11 years now, Jubilee has been like a second family to her, giving her love, support, and a place to belong. 

Even though she’s just 14, Alejandra has faced more tough times than most people in a lifetime. Even though her parents were separated since she was very young, she used to live a happy life with her mom and younger sister. However, during her pre-adolescent years, her life changed. All the problems and arguments she had with her mom deteriorated their close relationship. That’s why, when Alejandra was in seventh grade, she left her home in Tegucigalpa  to live with her dad in a faraway village. Her relationship with her mom was very broken and she had no idea what the future held.

In 2022, Alejandra’s mom got very sick, a situation that Alejandra didn’t expect, she didn’t even believe that it was really happening. She thought it was a passing illness, but it was more than that; her life was about to take a big turn. Without knowing the true severity of the situation, she returned to her mother with the hope that everything would improve soon. However, her mother’s condition worsened. Alejandra decided to talk to her mother, to forgive each other, and they both hoped to have a life together and a restored relationship. However, Alejandra’s mother passed away and this, by far, has been the hardest time in her life. In the midst of much pain, Alejandra is comforted knowing that her mother, Carmen, sought the Lord, asked for forgiveness, and accepted Him as her Lord and Savior in the last days of her life.

Sometime later, Alejandra decided to return to Tegucigalpa and live with her aunts and grandmother, as her mother would have wanted. In the middle of all the sadness, Jubilee was like a bright light in her life. She returned to our school and is more grateful than ever for being accepted back. Despite all the setbacks of life, Alejandra has a second home here in Jubilee.

Alejandra told us with great pain that she is now going through another very difficult experience; her father is in prison. She doesn’t know or understand why, but at this point in time, she is not able to communicate in any way with him. It hurts her a lot, but she remains firm in the Lord, knowing that He is her guide, her comfort, and her strength.

Knowing Alejandra’s full story is a reflection of how difficult life can be, but that Alejandra is a young woman with great drive and resilience. Psalm 27:10 states “Though my father and my mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me.”  This reminds us that the Lord is faithful and remains present, no matter how difficult the circumstances. The Lord is faithful to His children. Alejandra is proof of this, undeniable proof that the Lord is strength and He is our hope!

Alejandra is so thankful for the love and help she’s gotten from Jubilee. She knows how much sponsorship can mean to kids who need help, and currently, Alejandra isn’t sponsored yet. If you want to sponsor her, click here.