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Have you been longing to go on a mission trip?

How would you like to serve in the mountainous, tropical metropolis of Tegucigalpa, Honduras? Jubilee Centers International (JCI) would love to have you join them for a week! Jubilee provides quality Christian education to poor families in a high-risk neighborhood of the nation’s capital. The ministry works towards a holistic, Christ-Centered transformation of children, families, and their communities. The opportunities to make a difference in the community are endless, and mission teams are essential to our ability to reach more and more people. Here are the key facts you need to know:
When: July 16 – 23, 2022 (If you are interested in forming your own team as a church or other group, please contact us to plan other dates.)
Where: The team will be serving in a neighborhood known as La Era, but in the evenings, they will retreat to a comfortable rural home to enjoy a home-cooked meal and quiet relaxation. All rooms are shared, but each room has a private bathroom with a hot shower.
Who: No matter your skills, gifts, or abilities, as long as you have a heart that passionately longs to love on and serve others, we are sure God has a purpose for you in serving His Kingdom in Honduras! Children and youth must be accompanied by at least one parent/guardian. Spanish is helpful but not necessary; we have interpreters!
What: The exact details of how the team will serve will be customized based on the gifts the trip participants bring to the table. However, you can anticipate plenty of time to interact with our preschool through ninth grade students both in the classrooms and in the schoolyard, to participate in our after school programs, and to attend and contribute to our church services. Some sample activities are arts and crafts, English lessons, Bible lessons, and outdoor games. Time will also be set aside for sightseeing, sampling local cuisine, and unwinding at the end of each day.
Cost: $600 in country costs (food, transportation, lodging) + Airfare

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Spiritual Preparation for a Jubilee Mission Trip

The main purpose of this mission trip is for God to be glorified through experiences with the Jubilee community in the neighborhood of La Era. Another purpose is that God’s children would grow together in encouragement and love while being witnesses for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Consider the following suggestions in order to make the most of this mission trip.


  • Personal daily prayer and scripture meditation are vital for our walk with Jesus. Personal quiet time with God is important in preparation, as well as during the trip. Daily mission team prayer and scripture study will draw us closer to God and to each other.
  • Be ready to share a testimony about what God has done in your life. Share a passage or life verse from scripture to encourage the community of believers around you. Your stories of God’s speaking, leading, and healing will bless others. God loves when His children share about the great things that He has done in our lives.
  • Part of our spiritual preparation is a willingness to be flexible and humble. As brothers and sisters we want Jesus to shape our thoughts, words and actions. As guests we want our hosts to know that we appreciate all they are doing to help this experience be for God’s Glory. The Potter desires to mold and shape us through this mission trip. Let’s prepare to learn, share, and grow together.



A Typical Day At Jubilee Centers International

Of course each day will be different, but this will give you a general idea of what to expect!
  • Be ready to rise and shine early! We’ll have a breakfast buffet before we depart around 6:30.
  • School starts at 7:30, and we’ll have about a 30-45 minute drive to get there each morning. The commute is a perfect time to start the day in prayer.
  • We’ll greet the students and staff as they arrive at school.
  • Some mornings will start by joining the students and staff for a time of worship and Bible study. We might even help lead this!
  • We’ll do ministry in the mornings and afternoons. What this looks like will be different for each team.
  • We’ll have lunch on-site (from the cafeteria or a packed lunch).
  • There will be time to play with the students at recess and after school.
  • We might take one class on a field trip for a day or half a day.
  • We might be able to visit a nearby tourist town for souvenir shopping one afternoon.
  • We will return home in the late afternoon and have time to rest, visit, or play outside.
  • Our day will end with a home cooked meal, a time of sharing, and prayer.
  • We will head to bed early to rest up for the next day!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can complete our online missions application in the application here on this page. Once you submit your completed application, you will receive a confirmation email and a staff member will follow-up with you.
In recognition of the vulnerability of the children who Jubilee Centers International serves, and the increasing incidents of crimes against children in general, all trip applicants 18 years of age and over will be required to submit a background check screening. Our screenings will search for any offenses for both federal and current county level. The information that will be required is your first/last name, date of birth, race, gender, alias or nicknames, and/or maiden or previous name.
Volunteers must be at least 12 years of age. Any minor traveling without a parent or guardian must have parents complete and return Parental Consent forms. All minors must travel with a parent or guardian (guardian must be known and approved by the parent/s).
Your trip land cost includes all in-country expenses (meals, lodging, in-country transportation). The only items not included are personal spending on gifts, souvenirs, and extra snacks or drinks. We do advise that you carry a backup/emergency cash/credit card that can be used for emergencies while you are in transit between home and Honduras.
As a volunteer with Jubilee Centers International, you will share the unconditional love and hope of the gospel. Each group will work to meet the needs of the children based on their specific skills and calling while building relationships and encouraging the children and Jubilee community.
We highly recommend that trip participants consult with their personal physicians and/or travel specialists. They can recommend any vaccines, according to one’s own personal health history. Trip participants are also encouraged to read health information and recommended vaccines for Honduras on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website
Most of the minor discomforts and illnesses that occur during international travel can be taken care of with over-the-counter medicines. Consult your doctor or pharmacist for medicines to help you adjust to potential health issues. If a serious illness or injury should occur, staff would be available to immediately transport you to a hospital or clinic for health care, we will also help arrange your travel back home if necessary. We ask that you make sure that your medical insurance covers international travel. If it does not, we ask that you find a short term plan that will cover any emergencies while you are traveling with us. We will ask you to provide proof of insurance two months prior to the travel date.
Some amount of risk is inherent with international travel, but we make every effort to stay informed through a variety of sources, we take precautions as we travel in-country and make decisions so as not to risk our volunteers’ health or safety.
Your trip will be led by a trained volunteer leader from the U.S. Once a team arrives in-country, a local ministry staff will be with the team to assist in all aspects of leading the team during the week.
Volunteers will receive training preparation prior to their departure, including information on the country, culture, language, how to best serve children and families in the ministry program(s), what to pack and the details of your trip. Your trip leader will also guide you as you process the mission trip experience while on the trip and when you return.
We request that trip participants do not add personal travel days before or after their mission trip. Personal travel creates a burden and extra responsibility for Mission Coordinators. However, we understand that mission trip travel does provide the opportunity to do extended travel. Please consult with our staff with questions if you would like to add personal travel days at your own expenses and coordination.
Yes. It is a trip participant’s personal responsibility to verify their cell phone provider’s coverage in Honduras. Your lodging accommodations do provide WIFI that trip participants can use as needed to communicate.
All photographs and social media content should focus on promoting dignity and respect in what is captured and written. You are allowed to take individual photos of and with the children. Such photos should be for personal use only (i.e. sharing with family, supporters, fellow trip participants). Posting on social media sites should be discussed with your trip leader.
Protection of the children we serve in Honduras is of the utmost importance to Jubilee. Please refer to our child protection policy for details.
Speaking Spanish is not required. Your team will always be accompanied by an in-country leader and translators (as needed), and they will be able to help you communicate. We do recommend learning some short phrases to use while you are serving on the mission trip.
Often individuals on teams or those supporting a trip participant will want to donate items for the team to carry into the country. We have a permanent list of items that you may bring to donate if you choose to do. We will provide you with this list once your participation on the trip has been confirmed. At times, our staff may ask teams to provide for special needs. You may not give cash to individuals during your trip. All donations should be given through Jubilee Centers International. Consult our staff and/or trip leader before leaving on your trip and during your trip with any questions you have about donations.
We encourage sponsors to meet and spend time with their sponsored children on a mission trip.
All attire will be conducive to the overall goals and philosophies of Jubilee Centers International and will be conservative in all respects during the mission trip. Skirts can be worn but are not required. We ask that women not use shorts, but only capris, pants, or skirts (knee length or longer). It would be preferable for men to wear jeans or pants instead of shorts, as shorts are not typically culturally appropriate at a school setting. You may wear T-shirts or any type of comfortable shirt that will allow you to work with the children.

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Mission Trip Testimonies


Mary Breuker

“What a wonderful opportunity to see God’s work on a real mission field. The Romero’s are amazing dedicated workers. We were met with so much love and kindness at all turns. We saw beauty and poverty. We were humbled by the fervent prayers and worship of the teachers and children. Oh the children, their dear little faces, their hearts and souls, their sweetness. We listened to the heartfelt testimonies and were honored to be invited to some of their homes. Again we were humbled at the joy and singing.”

Sue & Bruce Osterink

“The most meaningful part of our time in Honduras was meeting the teachers, parents and students. We loved seeing them come to school each morning and seeing them be greeted by Emily and David and called by name. We loved how they loved and appreciated how God has provided for them and given Him all the glory for their new school.”

Billy Nichols

“When we hear the word Jubilee or Honduras, several things come to mind. Honduras is a beautiful country with mountains, vegetation, hills, valleys, and water. The people are friendly and kind but also suffering from many factors, both external and internal: shortage of food, shelter, clothing; threats from gangs and an ineffective government that does not do enough to help. When we think of Jubilee, we think of hope. We witnessed first hand the Christ-centered, God-inspired work at Jubilee that Emily and David have overseen.”

Pasquale & Danelle Russo

“To visit La Era and then find how the school has become a beacon and light on a hill was a beautiful sight to see. To hear the children’s hopes and dreams and see how they can be all that God intended them to be, rather than be in despair and hopelessness is evidence that Jesus is present in their lives. “

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