Moises a transformation story

In the heart of Jubilee’s students, a story of redemption and transformation is being written. Sixth grader, Moises, is a remarkable example of this transformation. Coming from a home marked by difficulties, Moises faces unique challenges because of the advanced age of his parents, who struggle to care for him amidst his overwhelming hyperactivity.

Forced by the violence of local gangs, Moises’ oldest sister (in her 30s) migrated to the United States and her absence has understandably caused deep pain and confusion for Moises. His emotions overflow, manifesting in explosive behavior and language laden with anger.

Each day was a battle, and Moises was trapped in a spiral of rage. But amidst the darkness, hope emerged thanks to the loving support of his teacher, Ms. Keyla. Despite the challenges, she never lost faith in Moises. With tireless love and dedication, she tried to guide him on the right path, even in the most difficult moments. However, her efforts seemed to bear no fruit, and hope began to fade.

Children’s Day 2023 arrived (September 10), a day that would change Moises’ life forever. In an act of humility and sincere repentance, Moises went to his teacher and asked for forgiveness from the heart. At that moment, the message of salvation resonated in his soul, and Moises found comfort and forgiveness in the arms of Jesus.

The miracle of transformation began to unfold before our eyes. Moses found peace in the presence of God, regularly attending church and practicing breathing exercises to control his anger. With each step taken in faith, his heart healed, and his spirit strengthened.

Today, Moises tells us with emotion how he has learned to channel his anger constructively. He no longer hurts others with his actions, but finds comfort in prayer and the love of God. And although he still faces challenges, he is determined to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and become the best version of himself.


In Luke 15:10, we find the promise that there is great joy in heaven when a sinner repents. Let us continue to pray for Moises, as his journey has only just begun. If you wish to be part of this wonderful process of transformation, we encourage you to consider sponsoring Moises and being part of his story of redemption and hope. Together, we can make a difference in the life of this brave child.