Our Mid-Year Music Recital

Our recent music recital was a fantastic display of the musical gifts and talents that Jubilee students are developing through the After School Music Program! Over 75 students at all levels of guitar, bass, piano, trumpet, drums, percussion, and voice shared their talents for the worship of His Great Name! We are very proud of our students, and our music instructors, and very grateful to everyone who helps make this program possible! To God be the glory!!
Mr Mejia, our Music teacher and After-School Music Academy Director shared the following: “Regarding the organization of the recital, thankfully I had previous experience with last year’s concert to help guide me. We have a wonderful working team and excellent logistical support. The biggest challenge was figuring out the best way to present three different bands, with each having complicated musical pieces to work on. Many of the students had never had the opportunity to play in a band, only individually, so that was also a challenge. They had to learn how to keep up with the tempo and learn a variety of musical arrangements. Jubilee is blessed with an excellent team of teachers whose contributions were of great value.”
The audience could feel the presence of the Lord through worship, music, and instruments. You could see the excitement on their faces, and that their expectations were being exceeded. As a teacher, I have to remember we are working with students who have not fully developed their God-given potential and my goal remains to help develop that talent.”