Pizza, Puzzles, and 6th Grade

At Jubilee, we believe that learning should be fun, interactive, and memorable. This week, our 6th graders had a blast during a unique and exciting activity that combined creativity, laughter, and a touch of mystery – the Paper Pizza Puzzle Day!

A Slice of Creativity

But these weren’t just any pizzas; these were special slices with a twist. Each student designed their pizza with colorful toppings and imaginative flair. Once their masterpieces were complete, they flipped their pizzas over to reveal the next part of the activity: writing riddles!

Honduran Riddles for Extra Flavor

Our students penned down some classic Honduran riddles, adding a cultural touch to their creative work. Here’s a mix of some riddles we have in Honduras and their counterparts (not direct translations) in English.

Blanca por dentro, verde por fuera. Si quieres que te lo diga, espera. ¿Qué es?

   – (Answer: La pera)

I am a fruit that’s green on the outside and white inside. What am I?

   – (Answer: Pear)

¿Qué cosa es, que mientras más le quitas más grande es?

   – (Answer: El hoyo)

The more you take, the more you leave behind. What is it?

   – (Answer: Footsteps)

Tiene dientes y no come, tiene cabeza y no es hombre. ¿Qué es?

   – (Answer: El ajo)

What has a head, a tail, but no body?

   – (Answer: A coin)

 Adivina adivinador: ¿Quién lleva en la cabeza un sombrero sin ser hombre ni mujer?

   – (Answer: El hongo)

I have a neck but no head, two arms but no hands. What am I?

   – (Answer: A shirt)

These riddles, steeped in Honduran culture, sparked curiosity and joy as students exchanged their pizzas and tried to solve each other’s puzzles. Learn more about spanish facts: 

The Joy of Interactive Learning

Activities like the Paper Pizza Puzzle Day are a testament to the power of interactive and enjoyable learning experiences. Our students thrive in environments where they can express themselves creatively, engage with their peers, and connect with their cultural heritage. Seeing their smiles and hearing their laughter reminds us why we do what we do.
At Jubilee, we’re committed to making education a joyful journey. We’re proud of our 6th graders and 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Karol, for their creativity and enthusiasm, and we can’t wait to see what other innovative and fun learning activities we’ll cook up next!