School Supply Distribution for Jubilee’s Students as they started the 2021 school year


As children of God, we are called to show His Love for others. The Word teaches us in John 13:35, “In this way everyone will know that they are my disciples, if they love each other.” Co-Director Emily Romero shared, “Because of the great need among our student body and our desire as a ministry to continually find ways to bless our students, especially in these unprecedented times we were able to do a school supply distribution for all of our students at the beginning of the school year!” Thanks to the constant support of our partners and friends for making this possible!
There is no doubt that one of the best ways to show Jesus’ love is through small acts of sharing and kindness, such as giving a gift.  During the second week of February students came to school to receive the school supplies.  All the kids were scheduled by grade, practicing social distancing and using all the PPE necessary so that everyone would stay safe.


Here you can read some of the words of gratitude from our students:


“I am happy to return to school and above all I feel very happy about this work the pastors and teachers do.  They really reflect God’s love through these actions so I thank them and ask God to always bless them and multiply their work so that you can bless others.” Gadhy Alonso, eighth grader


“Thank you very much to the school for helping us with this school kit that will help us to carry out our tasks, I feel blessed by God.” Arody Dominguez, Eighth Grade


“I am very happy to have come to school and today to receive this beautiful gift they gave us.  It’s going to do me a lot of good to do my homework, I want to tell the pastors that I love them very much.  Thank you and God bless your lives.” Angie Garcia, First Grade


“I am grateful to God for being part of Jubilee, I know that God puts in the heart of all the staff to give us these kinds of details.  This is something very meaningful to me and will be very useful to my school year” Joshua Eduardo Jimenez, Eighth Grade


“The staff is so good to me. I feel very thankful for this gift.  Jubilee is a great blessing for my life. I thank you very much because you always think about us.” Jafet Martinez, Second Grade


“Thank you very much to the school and our supporters because on many occasions we need these materials, but sometimes we can’t buy them and I’m sure it was God who put in their hearts.  These school supplies will be a great benefit for me and all the Jubilee students.” Maryorie Pleitez, Eighth Grade.


“The Lord always blesses us, He puts his hand upon us and in the heart of the pastors to give us all these materials.  They are going to serve me a lot to do my homework. I promise to do them all and behave very well this year.” Eli Romero, Fourth Grade