The Potter’s House Bake Sale

During the second week of December, the 4-5th grade classrooms of The Potter’s House held a 3-day Bake Sale for Jubilee School. For several years Jubilee and Potter’s House 4th/5th students have been building closer relationships through the sharing of prayers and contributing toward the Jubilee Library. With the support of staff and parents this year, they raised about $450.00 that is used to purchase library books in spanish for Jubilee kids.

I was blessed to interview several students after the bake sale and was overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of these young people. Several students mentioned that they have enjoyed Anthony and Eli Romero at the school during the months of November and December. They are students at Jubilee and their participation at TPH during these months helps us to relate a little bit more to the kids in Honduras.

Why did you have a bake sale?

Jay shared (students real names have been changed) “ It has been good to raise money for Jubilee. It  gives us a good feeling to support a sister school. “ I love books, so it is a good thing to raise money for something that you love. “

 “God wanted us to do that.” “ It is good to share what we have with others. “We are glad that the Jubilee students will have something fun to do at home. They can read, enjoy, not get bored, and explore the world from their home.” 

Jen said, “I’m glad to help Jubilee have new books for the elementary and middle school.” Michael  shared, “It was fun for the kids to come upstairs and see the homemade food. They get excited about eating good sweets and know that the money is going for a good cause. The bake sale helps us remember what we have and what we can give to others. “The kids enjoyed the treats and gave to Jubilee. “Some people even gave us their change because they wanted to contribute more.”

Jules shared,  “Last year, I gave $20 for a brownie, because God told me to do.” “Jesus moves us to do hard things, crazy things and the right things.”

Why are books important?

Amy shared, “ Books give us knowledge. We enjoy reading and they give us more understanding of the world. When I was younger, my mom would get books for me. I was able to learn to read  early in kinder. My mom helped me to learn books. So now I want to share books with others. “

The students shared that they are so blessed to have many books to read at school and home.  “ I hope some day they have a huge library that they can read all the time! ” said Jen. “ I don’t know what I would do without books!” 

What are you learning about Jubilee School?

“What I like about Jubilee is that they go deep into God’s Word.” said Jen.

What are your hopes and dreams for our relationship with Jubilee? 

Jay shared, “ I think that some of our hopes and dreams are to get closer to each other,  because we are all like brothers and sisters. They are a part of our community. We want to grow our relationship with them.”
Written by: Kathy DeJong (Reading Specialist at The Potters House and Jubilee US Board Chair)