Turning Trash into Treasures – Recycling Fair

We just celebrated an incredible Recycle Fair with a spectacular runway show! All the older grades participated enthusiastically, transforming what some consider trash into impressive works of art and practical tools. 

The event emphasized the importance of recycling and sustainability, encouraging students to think creatively about how to repurpose everyday items. Each grade presented their unique creations, showcasing their hard work and innovative ideas. The highlight of the day was the fashion show, where students walked the runway in outfits made entirely from recycled materials.

In Honduras, we face unprecedented problems with waste pollution and pollution waves, which seriously affect the country. That’s why it is considered important to reduce waste in Honduras. According to data from official UN sources: “The inadequate solid waste management prevailing in most municipalities causes serious contamination to the environment with direct consequences for human and environmental health. The largest cities such as Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, Choloma, La Ceiba, Choluteca, and El Progreso generate 54% of the total volume of municipal solid waste in the country. Only 20% (60) of the 298 municipalities in the country have a waste collection service.”
This situation drives us to reduce waste and adopt recycling methods that can improve public health. For Hondurans, recycling is not only important for its long-term impact but also crucial for immediate conditions. Poor solid waste management is one of the major causes of flooding in our cities during the rainy season (June-November). Recycling is the easiest way to address this recurring problem individually.

The 7th – 9th grade students particularly stood out with their recycled fashion pieces. Their dresses, made from various materials like plastic bags, newspapers, and old fabric, left everyone in awe with their ingenuity and originality. The level of detail and creativity in their designs was truly impressive, proving that fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand.
Ms. Brenda Almendares, our dedicated Skills Class teacher, shared her insights on the importance of recycling: “Those things we consider waste could have a second life and be used well to reduce pollution and give them a new use in different ways.” Her words resonated with everyone, highlighting the potential of recycled materials and the importance of environmental consciousness.

This recycling fair was not only a showcase of creativity but also a valuable learning experience for everyone involved. It taught students that with a bit of imagination, everything can have a new purpose and contribute to a more sustainable world.

Thank you to all the participants, our amazing Jubilee Family  for making this recycling fair a resounding success! We look forward to more events like this in the future, where we can continue to promote creativity, sustainability, and environment