Cultural Morning “MIS RAICES” (My Roots)

For the first time at Jubilee, we celebrated our Honduran pride with, An Artistic Cultural FestivalEven the older students performed folk dances, and as always we enjoyed the beautiful and colorful Honduran dresses represented by each of the grade levels, with the best dresses and costumes being awarded. Traditional songs were played on the flute accompanied by the voices of elementary school students. Also, in each of the classrooms, they enjoyed tasting a variety of traditional Honduran dishes.
A number of the partents were able to attend the performence as well, and like the students, they tremendously enjoyed the event. The objective of the cultural morning is to raise awareness of the importance of the Arts, and the valuable role they play in schools.  We feel this is part of the comprehensive development of children and young people, learning to play an instrument, and obtaining the benefits that this brings. It also helps the students to learn to socialize and highlights Honduran traditions and culture; thereby, increasing their love for their country and Honduran traditions.
Valery Flores, a 9th-grade student, shares with us that participating in the cultural morning was a great experience for her since she was practicing folk dancing for the first time, “I felt happy wearing such a beautiful dress, I was able to see, appreciate, and love my Honduran culture even more!”